The first 30 copies sell at $29.99. After that, they will sell for $49.99.

Discover the fastest growing online communities with ExplodingCommunities, a database with the fastest-growing online communities on Reddit that can sustain your next business.

Why should I buy this?

  • Discover trending communities early.
  • Uncover hidden business opportunities.
  • Build community-based products

What's included?

  • Curated database with 50 communities for entrepreneurs and makers.
  • Extensive database with 600+ communities.
  • Fastest-growing, SFW communities.
  • Communities with a critical amount of members.


What's the format of the database?

It's an Airtable base.

Do I need to have the Pro plan of Airtable?

No, you can access the database without having the pro plan of Airtable. However, you do need an Airtable account to access the database.

Is the data updated live?

No, the data of the database is cached. However, we will regularly update the database and the lifetime access includes all future updates.

What platforms do you cover?

Currently, we cover Reddit. We will cover more platforms in future versions.

How is this different from existing tools?

Existing tools don't allow you to filter for:

  • number of subscribers.
  • growth rate.
  • SFW-communities

Some tools offer parts of this, but they usually have poor growth data and/or bad SFW filters.

Is there a refund policy?

Yes, we have a no-question-asked refund policy.

Any other questions?

Send them our way! matthias@communityvalidated.co

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